Accessing a UNH Fileshare on a Mac

Accessing a UNH Fileshare on a Mac

This guide is to assist in connecting to a UNH Fileshare on a Mac, for instructions on how to connect on a PC, click here.


  • Permissions on the fileshare.
  • Knowledge of the address of the share.
  • OS X Apple Macintosh computer.

A valid connection to the UNH Network through a wired connection, unh-highspeed wireless, or the UNH VPN (

Accessing Fileshare

  1. Click on your desktop to activate Finder and move your cursor to the Menu Bar.
  2. Click Go > Choose Connect to Server. This will bring up the Connect to Server prompt.
    • Alternately, click Command and K at the same time while in Finder to bring up the "Connect to Server" prompt.


  3. Enter the address of the share using the prefix "smb://" before the name. Include the "" in the server name.
    • Macs use forward slashes instead of back slashes. The share "\\fp1\lync$" would become "smb://$".
    • You can use the + symbol icon to save this connection as a Favorite Server.


  4. An authentication prompt will come up if you have successfully contacted the server. Select "Registered Guest" and use your AD credentials to authenticate. Click Connect.

    When typing in your AD username, be sure to add "ad\" before the username. Example: ad\ITID

You will now have access to the share.

  • Additionally, you may have an icon representing the share on your desktop, depending on your Finder Preferences.


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