Pulse Secure VPN: Windows Installation Instructions

ET&S Telecommunications and Network Services operate and manage Virtual Private Networking allowing authorized users access to secure university networks from non-secure networks such as the internet. This will allow your computer to behave as if it were on the secure USNH network. For certain functions, even on-campus devices need to utilize the VPN to access particular resources. The VPN insures that your traffic between your machine and USNH is encrypted.

For further information and installation instructions please visit https://networking.usnh.edu/vpn

Notice: Effective in November 2021, USNH VPNs (including GSC, UNH, KSC, and PSU) will require the use of multi-factor authentication for added security.  Login screen appearance is changing, but all other functionality is remaining the same.

To install and configure PulseSecure:

How to install Pulse VPN on a Windows 10 device

  1. Go to https://networking.usnh.edu/vpn or click here for direct access
  2. Click on the Downloads bar to view the download options available
  3. Click on Pulse Secure – Production (9.1R11) to open the available downloads based on Operating System
  4. All USNH endpoint devices are running Windows 64-bit. Click the download link next to that option
  5. Click Save File at the "Opening PulseSecure,x64.msi" window to save the file to your computer. Depending on the browser you are using, the application will be available in the upper-right corner of the browser (Firefox) or the lower-left corner (Chrome, Edge, IE)
  6. Click on the file that the browser saved
    • Firefox:
    • Chrome/Edge/IE:
  7. You may be presented with a warning that “Pulse Secure.x64.msi is an executable file”. Click OK
  8. The "Welcome to the Pulse Secure Setup" window will appear. Click Next
  9. Click Install
  10. You may be prompted with a window asking “do you want to allow the application to make changes to your device?” Click Yes. If you are prompted for an admin user name and password, please contact the Help Desk team on your local campus. Otherwise, the application will install

  11. After the installation, click Finish to close the installer


Configuration based on College, if needed:

  1. Fill in any required information, which varies for each version, but may include:

  2. Connect using your USNH username and password.

If you're still having difficulty installing Pulse Secure on Windows, please contact the Help Desk team on your local campus.



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