USNH Wireless Network (WiFi): Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Overview: Some frequently asked questions about the USNH wireless network.

1) How do I connect to the USNH wireless network?

For information on connecting to the USNH wireless networks, review Configuring Wireless Devices.  

For campus guests, see USNH eduroam Guest Configuration.

2) Why won't my game console/ TV/ IoT device reconnect with my <Campus>-Open? It worked last year/semester.

You might still have your home network settings configured on your console or device. Always remember to double check that your wireless is set to connect to your <Campus>-Open and automatically get an IP address via DHCP.

NOTE: If you set your device to automatically get an IP address via DHCP, as described above,  and are still unable to connect your device to the <Campus>-Open network, we recommend you perform a full factory reset on your device. Roku and other Smart TVs are known to need a reset once connected to the USNH network. It is also recommended to immediately update your TV's software.

3) On the UNH Campus, why is my device suddenly redirecting to the eduroam Wireless Setup page even after being connected to eduroam?

In some cases a device may make a sub-optimal decision on which SSID to connect to. This is a known issue for iOS devices where the device will connect to UNH-Open even if eduroam is configured correctly. If you find your device redirecting to the eduroam Wireless Setup page, check to ensure your device is actually connected to eduroam and not UNH-Open. If you are unable to connect to eduroam by simply selecting the SSID with your username and password, browse to to configure your device for eduroam using the certificate method.  See related article UNH Wireless Cloudpath configuration: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


Non-Browser Devices

4) I Can’t Connect My Wireless Printer

We recommend using a USB cable to connect your printer to your computer to avoid causing wireless interferences for you and your neighbors. Even though wireless printers work on home wireless systems, not all devices have a wireless card that can negotiate the WPA2 Enterprise security protocol used on the USNH network. The wireless network does have some capacity to support these devices, which we refer to as Broadcast Reliant Devices. More information is available under here . If a USB cable was not included when you purchased your printer, you will need to purchase one online or at a local retailer.

5) I Can’t Connect My AppleTV

AppleTVs and similar devices rely on broadcasting their presence to potential users. On an enterprise sized network, those broadcasts need to be managed. USNH uses Aruba's "AirGroup" technology to do so. For information regarding AirGroup and managing related settings for your device, see here.

6) I Can’t Connect My Gaming Console

Those who wish to use game consoles will need register their device and connect to the <Campus>-Open wireless network. Please see Connecting a Game Console for instructions.

7) Why Do Some Devices That Work on Wireless at Home Not Work on the USNH Network?

Many devices that are designed for home network use function by communicating frequently with the entire network. That is fine when only a few devices are behaving like that, but given the size and scope of the USNH network, such communication severely hampers the network performance. As such, large scale networks generally prevent it. This can cause some devices designed for home use, for example, wireless printers and AppleTVs to not connect.

8) I can’t connect my Smart TV/Roku/Tivo/Lab equipment to the wireless network.

Use the "non-browser" device registration option to access the <Campus>-Open network. Please see Connecting a Smart TV, Roku, etc. for instructions on how to connect.


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Need additional help?

Please use this link to the ET&S Help Desk team to locate your local campus contact information.  Use the “Submit a Question” for your campus to enter an online support request.    OR Visit our walk-up support locations on the three USNH Residential Campuses:

Keene State College - Elliot Hall, 2nd Floor, Rm. 243

Plymouth State University - Lamson Library, Main Level, Information Desk

University of New Hampshire (Durham) - Dimond library, Main level, Rm. 341


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