Connecting a Smart TV, Roku, etc. on UNH Wifi

Smart TVs, Rokus, Tivos, lab equipment, and other non-browsing devices need to be registered on the UNH-Open wireless network. Use the following instructions to get your non-browsing devices online.

Using a computer that is already active on the UNH network:

Register Device:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Non-Browser Device Registration
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to register your device
  4. Wait a few minutes for registration to complete

*Please note: Non-browsing devices are not allowed on the eduroam wireless network. Attempts to use the eduroam network with these non-browsing devices will result in failed access.

Additional connection info:

If you find that your Smart TV will not stay connected to the UNH network, the next step would be to perform a factory reset on the device. The example below is for a Samsung Smart TV. Your instructions may vary:
• Open Settings, then select Support
• Select Device Care   **Note: On some models, select Support instead
• Select Self Diagnosis, then select Reset Smart Hub, and then enter your PIN
• After the reset is complete, select OK
Tips: The default PIN is 0000. You can set the PIN by navigating to Settings > General > System Manager > select Change PIN.

If you are trying to communicate from one device to another and cannot "see" that device, for more information, go here

If you need further assistance click  here  to submit a ticket.



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