Connecting a Smart TV, Roku, etc. on the USNH Wireless Network

How to connect a smart TV, Roku, or other set top boxes to your Open wireless network.


Step 1- While the TV is off, register your device at Network Registration.

Click on "My Devices".

Click on "Register New Device".

Wait a few minutes for registration to complete.

Step 2- Turn on your TV and connect to UNH-Open. In some cases you might need to perform a software update.


It is important to note that smart TVs can sometimes have difficulty initially connecting to the UNH-Open network, whether it's the first time on campus, or returning from a break. It might take several reboots, or in some cases a full factory reset of the device to establish a connection.

It is also possible for the TV to be initially fingerprinted incorrectly in the authentication system, in which case you can call the Help Desk at 862-4242 to correct the issue.

If you need further assistance click here to submit a ticket.


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