Connecting a Game Console on the USNH Wireless Network

How to connect game consoles to USNH Open networks.

Important: USNH strongly recommends that all game consoles brought on campus be at least 802.11ac/5GHz band capable to ensure the best possible gaming experience. All older consoles will be a "best effort" situation. 


Step 1- Power on your console and locate the MAC address in the settings. Instructions to find your MAC address can be found here.

Step 2- From a laptop or mobile device navigate to Network Registration and register the console.

Click on "My Devices".

Click on "Register New Device".

Step 3- Wait a couple minutes, and then connect the console to the respective Open wireless network (KSC, PSU, or UNH).

More Notes:

It is known that some gaming devices are not recognized as gaming devices and must be added manually to the USNH network.  In the event you continue to have connectivity issues, you may contact your campus Help Desk or submit a ticket on the  "Report An Issue" web form.  Please be sure to include the MAC address of your device; your physical location (i.e. dorm building); contact information and any issues with connecting your game console to the USNH network.

If you experience issues reconnecting to the wireless network after breaks, or bringing the console home, we strongly recommend a full factory reset before attempting to reconnect to clear out any legacy configurations.


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