Accounts: Both Secondary and Pool accounts can be used to give work study employees access, which is best for my department?

What type of account your department needs depends on both what applications you are trying to access and your specific needs.

Pool accounts will allow the student to own the password and use it as if it were a primary account, which means there is less day to day overhead in managing these accounts. However, these are less secure than secondary accounts since the work study employees can log in outside of their scheduled work hours. The following applications are currently not available as Pool accounts: Document Imaging.

Secondary accounts are owned and logged into by the supervisor. This means that one account can be used by multiple work study employees over the course of the day so it is more secure. However, there is more day to day overhead in managing these accounts since we request that the owner of these accounts log usage.

Both accounts will help to ensure that normal business operations are not impacted by frequent employee turn over, since administrative accounts can take up to 2 weeks to create.


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Fri 7/19/19 5:33 PM
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