Policies on IT resources

Policies from both the University System of New Hampshire (USNH) and the University of New Hampshire (UNH) guide the use of IT resources at UNH.   Please review these policies regularly as updates can occur at any time.  If you have questions or need training on any USNH or UNH Information Technology policy, please contact UNH ISS .


The University of New Hampshire On-Line Policy Manual contains policies that are specific to the University of New Hampshire with regard to the requirements set forth in the USNH OLPM .     UNH IT service providers and system users should familiarize themselves with the information provided in each policy. 

AUP: UNH Acceptable Use Policy  The AUP provides guidelines for the proper use of the University's IT resources as well as for the University's access to information to manage these resources.  You may be asked to read and confirm that you understand the AUP before you can access UNH IT resources.  The AUP is found in the  UNH OLPM, Section 5.  Acceptable Use for Information Technology Resources .   

UNH Policy on Changing and Terminating Accounts Permissions to access university information technology resources will be changed promptly and appropriately when the legitimate and approved business need changes, and accounts will be disabled or terminated immediately when they are no longer needed for legitimate and approved business needs. The complete policy may be read at:  UNH OLPM, Section 4.6, Changing And Terminating Accounts .   The "change form" referenced in section 4.6.2 of this policy is found at the UNH IT Accounts Management System .  Login and follow the directions provided to 'Add', 'Edit' or 'Remove' accounts.  

University Identifier Policy The policy provides for minimizing the use of Social Security Numbers (SSN) as the primary means of identification at UNH and limiting access to and visibility of the SSN when the use of SSN is necessary.  It further provides guidance for handling the non-SSN University Identifier and establishing protection requirements for other legally protected personally identifiable information (PII).  The complete policy is found at:  UNH OLPM, Section 4.5, University Identifier Policy  



The  University System of New Hampshire On-Line Policy Manual  provides guidance, definitions and requirements in regard to the use of technological resources and information technology policy for all USNH institutions, including the University of New Hampshire. The USNH OLPM defines specific policy components and requires that each USNH institution further clarify those components by developing local campus policies.   UNH IT service providers and system users should familiarize themselves with the information provided in the  USNH OLPM, Section F, Subsections 4. Policy on Use of Technological Resources and  5. Information Technology Security Policy  

USNH System Access Policy  Computer systems and resources used for the transaction of USNH business shall be protected from theft, malicious destruction, unauthorized alteration or exposure, or other potential compromise resulting from inappropriate or negligent acts or omissions.   The policy is found at USNH OLPM, Section F, Subsection 5.7.  System Access Control .   

USNH Data Classification Policy The purpose of the Data Classification Model is to define data categories, provide examples of each category, and provide a model that can be used by USNH institutions for classifying and protecting information. The model is a foundation for policies pertaining to the protection of information and is found in the  USNH OLPM, Section 6, USNH Data Classification Policy .

USNH Privacy Policy The Privacy Policy describes how personally identifiable information (PII) collected or submitted to university websites is used and protected.  The policy is linked on the UNH homepage and every website that requests PII:  USNH OLPM, Privacy Policy  


Additional Policies and Guidelines

UNH HEOA Compliance Document

The University of New Hampshire takes copyright violations very seriously and has developed the a plan to combat the illegal use of copyrighted materials. This plan  defines the basic requirements of the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) in regard to copyright violations.  For more information, contact Information Security Services.

UNH IT Policy on Protecting University Information During IT Equipment Transfer and Disposal: Requirements for IT equipment resale, transfer or disposal.

UNH Security Camera System Standard 

This document defines the standards and procedure for request, approval and installation of video cameras which are installed for safety and law enforcement purposes.  The standard applies to all UNH departments and organizations at all campuses and properties and is managed on Box@UNH  along with additional detail documentation for vendors and installers.  To obtain access to the standard and associated guidelines, contact ISS at  https://td.unh.edu/TDClient/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=172 




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