Microsoft Licensing: Installing Microsoft Office


This article provides instructions on how to download Microsoft Office to your personal computer.



Office 365 is available to all USNH Faculty/Staff and Students.

Note: If you have Microsoft Visio or Project installed, please check with your Desktop Liaison before upgrading to Office 365 ProPlus.


Task: To Install Microsoft Office.



Step 1 - Open a browser and navigate to 

Step 2 - When the Microsoft Sign in window displays, enter your email address (for example:,,, etc.) for your school account and click Next.  If that doesn't work, you can also try your (e.g. which is a unique Microsoft identifier across all the USNH campuses.

Note: If you have other accounts that you have used previously you may be offered a selection of accounts to choose from. You maybe also be asked to select your Work or School account.










Step 3 - At the USNH log in page, enter your Username and Password and click Submit.















Step 4 - To reduce the number of times you have to sign in, click Yes.

Note: If you don't want to see this option again, select Don't show this again.










Step 5 - On the portal Home Page, click Install Office > Install Office Apps. The executable file is automatically saved to your downloads folder (unless you have changed the location of downloaded files).







Step 6 - If you need additional help installing, click Need Help installing? at the bottom of the pop-up window

Office Install Popup- need help link














After the installation is completed, you are prompted to sign into Office 365. These are the same instructions for logging into

  • Enter your email address (for example:,,, etc.) for your school account and click Next.  If that doesn't work, you can also try your (for example: which is your unique Microsoft identifier across all the USNH campuses.
  • Select Work or School account (if prompted).
  • At the USNH login screen, enter your username and password.


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Need additional help?

For additional Training please visit the Teaching & Learning Technologies Training site

To submit a support request, please fill out the Microsoft 365 Support webform with as much detail as possible, or contact the Technology Help Desk team on your local campus. For password issues you must call or visit the Help Desk in person.

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