SmartAuth - Registering and Using the Google Authenticator App

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If you already use Google Authenticator to access personal accounts, you can also use it when accessing applications protected by the USNH SmartAuth multi-factor authentication service .

Google Authenticator app icon Note: Google Authenticator and the SecureAuth Authenticate app are the only two apps supported for use with SmartAuth.


Registration Steps

Before you begin:

  • Download to your IOS or Android device the Google Authenticator app from Apple iTunes or the Google Playstore.
  • You need to first register a phone number. If you have not done this, follow these instructions: Registering a Phone Number to use SmartAuth

From a Mac/PC:

1. Log into your SmartAuth Profile .

2. Select "Register Authenticate App on a New Device". You will be presented with the registration page:

SmartAuth Authenticate page

3. Open the Google Authenticator app on your device and select + and "Scan barcode".

Google Authenticator scan barcode

4. Point your mobile device camera at the QR code on the registration page on your PC/Mac screen. When successful, a section for SmartAuth and a code displays in the Google Authenticator App.


5. Enter code displayed in Google Authenticator App into the input box in Section 3 "Confirm and Name" of the registration page. Once entered, select the Confirm button.

6. You will be prompted to enter a name for your device (or select from an existing one). This does not work with the Google Authenticator app. The device name will be "OTP App". To skip adding a name and complete registration, select Save.

7. A confirmation will display. Select Return to go back to your SmartAuth Profile.

In your SmartAuth Profile, you will now see your device with Google Authenticator listed as "OTP App" in the "Devices Registered with Authenticate App" section.

Registered Devices

When logging in to an application using SmartAuth and selecting a passcode delivery method, to use Google Authenticator, select the Device Named "OTP App".

selecting passcode delivery method

For more details go to Instructions for logging into an application or service protected by SmartAuth .

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