myPortal - Mobile Application


 This article will get a user started on using the mobile application for myPortal. 



Task: Users will be able to utilize myPortal on their mobile device or tablet. 



Go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for myUSNH, install the application and open the application. 

myUSNH Search in Apple Store

Click the Login button. 

myPortal Application Login

You will be prompted either to click on your USNH account or to enter it. 


Microsoft USNH login page




At this point, you'll be prompted for your USNH login. Enter your USNH username and password and click Submit. 

Sign on page for USNH when on a phone or tablet

After you've entered your USNH Username and Password, you'll be prompted by 2-step authentication.  Follow the instructions either to use your authenticator app or receive a code via text or call. Enter that code and proceed. On the next screen, select Stay Signed In if you would like to keep the application loaded until next prompted to sign in. 

2 Step Authentication on a phone or tablet



You are now in the mobile application for myPortal. 



Pathify Screen when you're logged on.



Users are able to utilize myPortal on their mobile device or tablet. 


Need additional help?

Visit the Technology Help Desk Support page to locate your local campus contact information or to submit an online technology support request.  For password issues you must call or visit the Help Desk in person.  



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