KSC, PSU, UNH: EAB - Navigate - Merge Tags for Messaging

Task: In the EAB Navigate Release 21.2.8 users now have the ability to use merge tags within email messages being sent from Navigate.



Added the ability for a user to add Merge tags when sending an email message. Merge tag fields available when sending emails:

  • {$student_first_name}
  • {$student_last_name}
  • {$students_names}

When creating messages from any of the Actions lists you can now use the tags above to have the system automatically merge student's names in 3 different formats to the body of your message.

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Article ID: 4376
Mon 4/11/22 1:06 PM
Thu 4/13/23 10:52 AM
Applicable Institution(s):
Keene State College (KSC)
Plymouth State University (PSU)
University of New Hampshire (UNH)