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Eligible USNH employees will have access to LinkedIn Learning, an on-demand, online learning solution designed to help you gain new skills and advance your career. Account activation is required prior to access.  This initiative supports professional development at no cost to employees or departments, will be available 24/7 using your USNH single sign-on and is in alignment with our strategic initiatives of continuous growth and streamlining technological resources. This is one more great benefit to working for USNH!

STEP 1:  Activate Your USNH LinkedIn Learning Account

New Hires:

Newly hired eligible Faculty & Staff will receive an activation email invitation during their first week sof employment.  USNH and LinkedIn Learning will send follow-up reminder activation emails at 7, 13 and 21 days from the original notification.  Be sure to review the instructions below BEFORE using the activation link in your email.

Current Faculty / Staff:

If you have not yet activated your account and require a new activation link, you can request a new activation link from your campus contact at LinkedIn Learning Campus Contact Information.


  • It is recommended that you review the account activation instructions (link below) BEFORE using the activation link in your invitation email. 
  • You will want to navigate through the steps, selecting the right options for you so your USNH LinkedIn Learning account is set up the way you want it.
  • Employees are not required to have a account in order to set up and activate their USNH LinkedIn Learning organization account.
  • Please note that the activation steps will prompt you to create one if you wish, and/or to connect to an existing account.

Account Activation Instructions

Activating Your LinkedIn Learning Organization Account


STEP 2:  Log into your activated USNH LInkedIn Learning Account

AFTER you have successfully activated your USNH LinkedIn Learning account, use the following

Login Instructions to access your USNH LinkedIn Learning Account


Account Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

LinkedIn Learning Campus Contact Information


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