OneDrive: Copying your Files/Folders after Graduation

Typically, the files/folders for all graduating students are retained for 30 days after the start of the next semester directly after the semester they graduated in. For example, if you graduate in May your files/folders are accessible until early October, or if you graduate in December your files/folders are accessible until mid-February.  Once that date is past, your M365 applications will no longer be accessible and your school OneDrive account data will be deleted.

To avoid loss of data, you can create a personal OneDrive account and move your USNH files/folders to that account. Microsoft OneDrive offers a free OneDrive account with 5 GB of cloud storage.


Task: To create a personal OneDrive account.



Step 1 - Open a browser and navigate to OneDrive.Com.

Step 2 - Click See plans and pricing.

OneDrive.Com main page with see plans and pricing button selected.






Step 3 - On the Plans and Pricing page, click Sign up for free.

OneDrive plans and pricing page with the SIgn up for free button selected.









Step 4 - Enter your personal email account address and click Next.

Create account window with email field and next button selected.









Step 5 - If a verification code is sent to the email account, enter the code on the verification window.

Email message containing a verification code from the Microsoft account team.















Step 6 - Create a password and click Next.

Create password window with field and next button selected,










Step 7 - Enter your first name, last name, and click Next.

Personal Information window with first name, last name fields, and Next button selected.










Step 8 -Select your Country/region, month, day, and year of birth from the drop-down menus, click Next.

Person infomration window with Country/region, month, day, and year of birth highlighted and the Next button clicked.












Step 9 - Click Next to generate a puzzle.

Generate a puzzle window to verify you are not a robot with Next button highlighted.












Step 10 - Solve the puzzle and click Next. Note: The puzzle generated is unique for you.

A puzzle to solve.












Outcome: Your personal OneDrive account is created.

  • To immediately access your personal OneDrive account, click Yes.
  • To close the OneDrive account wizard and access your personal OneDrive account later, click No.

Stay signed in window with yes button highlighted.








An email message is sent to the email address used to create the account. To open your Microsoft account from the email message, click VIEW YOUR ACCOUNT.

Account created email with View your account button highlighted.













Task: To copy files/folders from your USNH account to your personal OneDrive account.

If your USNH OneDrive account files are synchronized with a folder on your computer, open File Explorer or Finder to see both of your accounts.

Windows File Explorer with Personal and USNH folders highlighted.









If your USNH OneDrive files are not synchronized with a folder on your computer then follow the instructions in the OneDrive: Synchronizing Files/Folders article to synchronize them prior to starting this procedure.



Step 1 - Open File Explorer or Finder and navigate to the folder that contains your synchronized USNH OneDrive files.

Step 2 - Select any files and folder that you want to keep.

Windows File Explorer with all the USNH OneDrive files selected.







Step 3 - Right-click and select Copy from the context menu.

Step 4 - Hover over the Documents folder of your personal OneDrive account, right-click and select Paste from the context menu.


Outcome: What users can expect to happen after completing the steps in the how-to knowledge base article.

Windows File Explorer with duplicate files and folders highlighted in both the USNH abd personal OneDrive folders.













Task: To request assistance moving your school files to your personal OneDrive.



Step 1 - Navigate to the Microsoft Support for Business webpage.

Step 2 - Enter your information.

Step 3 - Click Save.


Outcome: A verification email is sent to the preferred email address provided in the request.


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