Forms: Adding a Form to your SharePoint Site to Upload Files


This article provides instructions on how to add a form to your SharePoint site to submit files and folders and upload them directly to a SharePoint site.



By creating a Form and adding it to your SharePoint site members can submit files and folders and upload them directly to a SharePoint site.

Note: This process requires a Microsoft 365 Group account attached to a SharePoint site. Creating a new Team site automatically creates a group account to your site.


Task: To add a Form to your SharePoint Site used to directly upload files.



Step 1 - Create a new form.

Step 2 - Click Add New

Step 3 - Click the drop-down arrow and select File upload to add a new question to your form







Step 4 - Set the file size limit and enable the required option.

Step 5 - After you have added your new file upload question, navigate to Forms.

Step 6 - Click the ellipse (...) on the form you in which you added the new question.

Step 7 - Select Move from the drop-down menu.













Step 8 - Select a Team site and click Move.














Your form is added to the selected group.







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