GSC Outlook Email for Faculty and Students


This article answer questions about your school email address and where to access email.


Every Granite State College faculty and student is issued a college Outlook email address. This email account is used for official College communications. It is also used for setting up accounts in Canvas and other associated applications such as Zoom, Turnitin and Chalk & Wire. 


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is my email address?

Depending on when your email account was set up, it will be one of the following configurations:

  • (e.g.


  • first intitial + middle initial + lastname (e.g.


  1. Where do I go to access my email account and find my actual email address?
  • To find your email address, click on your Account found in the upper navigation.  Go to View Account.
  • For future reference, you will find a quick link to Outlook email in the following locations; on your Canvas course homepage (Granite Email) , in the Canvas Help menu (IT Help Desk), as well as on the College Help Portal.


  1. What if I see more than one email address?
  • Everyone has a "root" email which is typically your (e.g.  This is constant and will not change.
  • In addition to the root email, individuals will have a user-friendly email as discussed above.  This is referred to as an "alias".  Some individuals will have a few alias email accounts especially if they are affiliated with multiple institutions within the University System of NH. This also allows for adjustments if someone's first or last name changes.


  1. What if someone sends an email to an alias email address that I am not checking?
  • You only have one Outlook email account.   All email will go to that one account no matter which of your alias email addresses are used.
  • If someone sends an email to your old Go.Granite email, it will also go to your Outlook account.  However, you should stop sharing your Go.Granite email address as this will at some point be discontinued.  


  1. Why is my root email showing up in Canvas?
  • Your root email which displays as your is used as the default email in Canvas.  It is IMPORTANT that you do NOT change this email.
  • This email is the unique identifier between and among affiliated apps such as Zoom, Kaltura, and Chalk & Wire.  If you change the default email in Canvas you may lose access to these affiliated apps and any work you have created.


  1. How can I access my Outlook email on a phone or mail client?


  1. How can I forward my Outlook email?
  • Log into your Outlook email. Look for the settings icon: Settings Gear Icon
  • Type in forwarding in the search box and follow instructions to add your forwarding address.
  • It is recommended to leave a copy in your Outlook email for future reference.


Need additional help?

Please fill out this GSC IT Support with as much detail as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.


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