Teams: Creating a Private Channel


This article provides instructions on how to create a private Teams channel.



Private channels in Microsoft Teams create focused spaces for collaboration within teams. Most channels are standard, meaning all members of a team can see them and are able to participate in conversations, share files, and more.

With a private channel, members of a team must be specifically added to it to participate, view content, and to see the channel appear in their list of channels.

Before you create a private channel:

  • You must mark a channel private at the creation of the channel. A standard channel cannot be converted to a private channel and vice versa.
  • Only the users on the team who are owners or members of the private channel can access the channel.
  • Anyone, including guests, can be added as a member of a private channel as long as they are already members of the team.
  • Private teams are indicated by a lock icon.
  • When a private channel is created, it's linked to the parent team and can't be moved to a different team.
  • The person who creates a private channel is the private channel owner and only the private channel owner can directly add or remove people from it.



Task: To create a private channel.



Step 1 - In Teams, click on the Team name where you’d like to add a private channel.

Step 2 - Click on the three dots (…) next to the Team name to open the menu.

Step 3 - Select +Add Channel.

Step 4 - In the pop-up form, enter the Channel Name and Description.

Step 5 - Click in the Privacy drop-down and select Private – Accessible only to a specific group of people within the team.

Step 6 - Click Next.

Step 7 - Enter the names of the people you would like to grant access to. Once all members have been entered, click Add.

Step 8 - Click Done.



The private channel appears in your Team, indicated by a lock icon.


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