OneDrive: Unlinking OneDrive from your Account


This article provides instructions on how to unlink your school account from the OneDrive app installed on your Windows PC and then log back in again. This could resolve issues with your school credentials not allowing you access to OneDrive.

Note: If the OneDrive app is not accepting account credentials, clear all of the saved settings and unlink the OneDrive app on your Windows PC to try to resolve the problem.

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Task: To unlink the OneDrive app from your school account in the Windows operating system.


Note: This does not impact any files or data stored in OneDrive and it does not uninstall the app.



Step 1 - Click the white or blue Cloud OneDrive icon in the Windows taskbar.

Step 2 - Click the Help & Settings Gear Icon.

Step 3Choose Settings.

Step 4 - In the pop-up box, select the Account tab.

Step 5 - Click Unlink this PC > Unlink Account.



The school account is no longer connected to the installed OneDrive app.

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Task: To reconnect the OneDrive app to your school account.



Step 1Re-launch the OneDrive app.

Step 2 - Log in to OneDrive using your institutional email address.

Step 3Enter your institutional email address or choose an email from the displayed list.

Step 4On the second log-in screen, enter your institutional username and password.

Institutional Email Addresses
Students Faculty and Staff


You are logged into OneDrive with your school account.

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