Outlook: Accessing your USNH Email in a Web Browser


This article explains how to access your USNH Email account and other Microsoft 365 (M365) apps through a web browser.



Task: To access your USNH Email account and other Microsoft 365 (M365) apps through a web browser.



Step 1 - Open a web browser.

Recommended browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

Step 2 - To access the Microsoft 365 (M365) Portal Home, navigate to https://portal.office.com 

Note: to go directly into Outlook on the Web, navigate to https://outlook.office.com instead.

If you are already logged into the USNH System, you may not have to sign in again.  Skip to Step 5 below.


Step 3 - Enter or click on your email address in the Email Address field as follows: firstname.lastname@campus.edu with the campus being your Primary Home campus. For example:

  • Francine.Smith@granite.edu
  • Tom.Brown@keene.edu
  • Susan.Smith@plymouth.edu
  • Joe.White@unh.edu

Note: if your primary email address does not work, try your unique USNH identifier:  username@usnh.edu

Step 4 - You will be presented with the USNH unified Login page. Enter your username (NetID) and password.

(Use only your username, NOT email address to log-on.  Example Username:  abc9876 )

USNH Logon Screen



Step 5 - You will land at the Microsoft 365 (M365) Portal Home page, where you can quickly access recently used docs, see recommended documents, and open any M365 apps using the Navigation Bar on the left and the 9-dot "waffle" in the top left corner.

To access Email from the Microsoft 365 Portal Home, click on the blue Outlook Icon in the left navigation bar

portal.office.com left navigation bar with square around "Outlook"


Step 6 - To access other M365 apps, click on them in the left Navigation Bar or in the 9-dot "Waffle" in the upper left corner.  SharePoint and OneDrive are available under the 9-dot "Waffle".



You will be passed over into Outlook on the Web, part of the unified M365 environment.  You will be able to read and send email, view your calendar and contacts, and access your web-based files through the OneDrive or SharePoint apps (through the 9-dot "waffle" in the upper left corner).


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Need additional help?

For additional Training please visit the Teaching & Learning Technologies Training site

To submit a support request, please fill out the Microsoft 365 Support webform with as much detail as possible, or contact the Technology Help Desk team on your local campus. For password issues you must call or visit the Help Desk in person.


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