Removing ESET and Installing Microsoft Defender for macOS



Support for the ESET antivirus software on MacOS is expiring. The supported software for institutional computers with MacOS is Microsoft Defender.

First, is your computer managed?

How Can I Tell if My Computer is Managed or Unmanaged?

  1. Go to System Preferences and look for the Profiles icon in the lower right-hand corner.
  2. If you do not see the Profile icon, your computer is not managed. If you see the Profiles icon, click on the Profiles icon. On the left side of the Profiles dialog box, if you see the MDM profile, your device is managed.

If Your Computer is Managed

  1. Go to Applications and run the Self-Service application. If your computer does not have Self-Service, skip to "If Your Computer is Unmanaged"
  2. Choose “Install” under “USNH Microsoft Defender Install”
  3. If the install fails for any reason, try the steps under the If Your Computer is Unmanaged" section before calling the Service Desk.


If Your Computer is Unmanaged:

  1. Download the file from
    This link is open to anyone with an email address in Box. Follow the normal process to log into Box.
  2. Double-click to unzip the file and open it in Finder.
  3. Right- or Control-click and choose Open for the following installers in order to uninstall ESET and install Microsoft Defender
    • 1_eset_remove.pkg
    • 2_defender_license.pkg
    • 3_wdav.pkg
    • If any package fails, reboot your computer and try to run that package again. Remember to proceed in order
  4. Depending on the security features of your particular macOS system, follow the onscreen instructions. You may be prompted to access System Preferences and allow changes via the allow button.


If you have difficulty, please contact Desktop Support via the Desktop Support webform or call the Help Desk at 603 862 4242




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