Kaltura: Viewing Your Analytics through Kaltura's Engagement Dashboard

Task: This article describes how to access information about Kaltura's analytics for all videos through Kaltura's "Engagement Dashboard".


Kaltura has an analytics system available to users. In this video, you'll see an overview of what you can find out from your videos using the Analytics data that Kaltura provides within the Engagement Dashboard.

Note: You should not rely upon Kaltura analytics for attendance, viewing, etc. due to outside influences such as ad blockers which can interrupt Kaltura from collecting data about all users. Kaltura analytics can be used to get a sense of what is being viewed but is not to be used to attain an accurate sense of your students' progress.

Overview of Kaltura's Engagement Dashboard Analytics available through Kaltura MediaSpace: 


How to Access Kaltura's Engagement Dashboard in My Media in Canvas:


Accessing Kaltura Analytics

You can either access Kaltura analytics through MediaSpace (described in the above video) or through your MyMedia page. To access Analytics via MyMedia simply click on the "bar chart icon" next to your video title.

Kaltura Analytics Basics

In the top section, you'll find the beginning data that will give you an overview of important information about your video. You also can export CSV spreadsheets from this area.

overview of analytics

The spreadsheets available to you for CSV export include:

Highlights - Displays a snapshot of the important metrics for the selected time frame
Top Videos - Displays the top engaging videos for the selected time frame. The top engaging videos are selected based on a unique algorithm that take into consideration the number of plays, unique viewers, and view period of the video.
Metrics over time - Explores data including:

  • Number of Player Impressions - Number of times the video was loaded on the webpage.
  • Number of plays - Number of times users clicked play to watch a video
  • Number of unique viewers - number of authenticated viewers, all anonymous viewers will be counted as a single viewer
  • Number of minutes viewed - Total duration of video watched by viewers
  • Average drop off rate - measured by viewer reaching playback quartiles
  • User Engagement
  • Media Engagement
  • Top Countries
  • Devices Overview
  • Top Domains - The top domains are ordered by domains that had the most number of plays in the selected time frame. For each domain the following metrics are available:
  • Plays
  • Plays distribution - number of plays divided by the total number of plays in the selected time frame
  • Player impressions
  • Player impressions ratio - number of plays divided by number of impressions
  • Minutes viewed
  • Average drop-off rate - measured by viewer reaching playback quartiles

These spreadsheets will provide more in-depth data to you to help interpret further how your videos are being watched, and by whom.

Views and Video Player

In this section you can review views of the video and engagement per user, this will help determine whether users are truly engaging with your entire video content.

Engagement per User

You can see the user's average completion rate and the total completion rates for the videos. The completion rate is the percentage of times the video played to the end.

Performance Over Time

This section shows how the video has done over time and could help you determine when it might be a good time to update your content.

Player Impressions and Engagement

This shows you for the visits and clicks on the video, who is playing the video and how far through they are getting, this can inform the length of your videos as well as the content and/or delivery.

Top Places

One can see where users are tuning in from, which is part of your assessment of your audience.

Devices Overview

Allows you to assess what kind of devices your audience is tuning into your videos with.

Top Domains

This section helps answer the question about how the users are getting to your content, through which sites or domains?

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