Preparing to Teach Online

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Here are some practices to keep in mind while planning and preparing to teach online.

  1. Make sure your course materials are available to your students. Course materials (videos, readings files, and external links) can be uploaded into Moodle or OneDrive.
  2. Based on your learning objectives, use the appropriate technologies for content delivery.
    1. Lecture: use Kaltura or Zoom to record your lecture videos.
    2. Resources: readings, Ted Talks, YouTube videos, external website, etc.
    3. Collaborative Activity: Discussion board, zoom meeting, group project, etc.
    4. Assessments: Quiz, assignment, case study, peer review, role-play, debate, presentation, etc.
  3. Fill in your technology gaps (Moodle, Kaltura, Zoom, etc.) attend a walk-in session or contacting Academic Technology.


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