Taskstream for University Supervisors and Mentor Teachers

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What is Taskstream?

Taskstream is an electronic assessment data collection platform. Most of the candidate data is collected on Taskstream in electronic portfolios called DRFs (Directed Response Folios). Taskstream uses a unique set of terms and roles, and if you are new to using Taskstream, it might be useful to review those here.

Taskstream has a helpful site where you browse resources for help.

Accessing Taskstream

University Supervisors will access Taskstream through a link that they add to the relevant Moodle course. For instructions, please see How to Add Taskstream to a Moodle Course- Some University Supervisors may receive an email from Taskstream with a username and a link to create a password

Mentor Teachers will receive an email from Taskstream containing their username and a link to create a password. Each Mentor Teacher will login to Taskstream at www.taskstream.com using their personal username and password.

Students ("Authors" in Taskstream) will access Taskstream through a link provided in the relevant Moodle course.

Instructions for Evaluating Students

1. University Supervisors will log in to Taskstream through a Moodle link and Mentor Teachers will log into Taskstream via a direct login received by email.

2. The DRF programs that you have access to will be visible on the Home screen. If you do not see the appropriate DRF program, please contact the Help Desk.

Taskstream Home Page

3. On the Home screen, click the name of the DRF program in which you wish to complete evaluations. A search screen will appear.

Taskstream author search
4. Select a student from the search results to see the available Folio areas for display and then select the appropriate area, or select "Show all available categories." After making your selections, click the Continue button.

Select student folio

5. Click the Evaluate button to access the work that has been submitted (or for evaluations that do not require a submission).

Select submission to evaluate

6. To start the evaluation, click the Evaluate/Score Work button.
7. This will open the student's work in a window on the left hand side of your screen and the evaluation screen on the right hand side.

Evaluating student submission

*Tip: You may need to enable pop-ups for Taskstream by clicking on the blocked pop-up icon in your browser. Choose "Always allow pop-ups from https://www.taskstream.com"

8. Once you complete the evaluation (Rubric, Form, Write-in, etc.) you can choose if you want to Send back for revision, Record as final but release evaluation to Author later, or Record as final and release evaluation to Author now.
Note: Make sure to only click on items for the students to are required to assess or you will lock the item for any other evaluator. If you mistakenly select an item evaluation link, select the Cancel -- Evaluate Later button to release the item to another evaluator.

Release to author options

9. Once you make your selection, click Submit evaluation now.

10. If you have set up grade passback in your Moodle course, you will see an additional option to send grades to Moodle.



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