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What is a Sponsored User?

Persons looking to obtain access to certain institutional computing resources, but whose affiliation with Plymouth State requires additional authorization to use PSU computing resources, are required to be a Sponsored User.

These accounts are not intended for granting continued access for someone who might not normally be entitled to such services under policy. Sponsored User accounts are issued infrequently and are typically used for:

  • Contractors, Consultants and Vendors (Please note in your request if the sponsored account needs Moodle or Canvas access)
  • Visiting students and scholars
  • Affiliate Faculty
  • Plymouth Town Fire and Police

Who can approve Sponsored User Status?

Sponsored Users must be approved by a Principal Administrator (i.e. Vice President, Provost and the University President) or their Designated Sponsor Representative.

A PSU Principal Administrator may choose to appoint a PSU employee to act as a sponsor in their place. This person is referred to as a Designated Sponsor Representative (DSR) and will have an appointment of one year, unless extended by the original sponsor.

The Sponsor assures verification of the sponsored user's identity, affiliation, and intended usage of PSU IT computing resources. The Sponsor will also assure the user's compliance with the USNH Acceptable Use Policy and accepts responsibility for the actions of the sponsored individual.

What is the duration of sponsorship?

Sponsored User Accounts are created for a specified, and limited period (typically 1 - 3 months and no more than 12 months) per the PSU Information Technology Policies and the USNH Information Security Policy. These accounts must have an established expiration date.  Account de-provisioning and expiration is an automated process, therefore ET&S is unable to monitor changes in account status and preemptively renew access.  Therefore the requester must monitor expiration dates.  Renewals, although rare, are subject to the same executive approval process as initial requests.

How do I request a Sponsored User Account?

The PSU department or individual hosting the person must email the ITS Help Desk and provide the following information:

  • First, Middle and Last Name
  • Address
  • Telephone
  • Email address
  • Date of Birth

The email should also contain information about the reason the Sponsored User Account is needed; a list of resources or level of access needed, and an expiration date for the account. The request will be forwarded by the Help Desk to the appropriate PA or DSR for official approval. Once the approval is received, the account will be provisioned for creation. The Account Creation process usually takes 24 hours after the approval is received by the Help Desk. Sponsored Users will receive a message at the email address provided with instructions for activating their PSU User Account.

How do I terminate sponsorship?

To terminate a sponsored account before the expiration date, the Sponsor (or DSR) should send an email to the ITS Help Desk.

For questions about Sponsored User Accounts, please contact the Help Desk.



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