Yammer: How do I join or leave a Group?


This article describes how to join or leave a group in Yammer.


To join a group,

Click the "Discover more groups" link found in the left-hand navigation panel. If you feel that you can benefit from being a part of any of these groups, make sure to join them. You can do so by clicking the + Join button next to the group description.



You can now select which groups you might like to join by clicking the Join button for that group. Once you are joined into a group, you can see all of the Feed information within that group. It will show up right on your main Feed, and you can post to that group simply by selecting it.

If you join a public group, you will immediately become a member. If you try to join a private group, an approval request will be sent to that group's administrator(s) and only once they approve will you become a member of the group.

To leave a group, find it in your groups listing in the left-hand column and click its name to go to the group's page. Hover over the "Joined" button in the upper right-hand section of the header area until "Leave" shows on the button and click it. Alternatively, you can locate the group you'd like to leave in the Groups Directory and hover over its "Joined" button to expose "Leave" and then click.

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