Yammer: How do I invite or add Members to a Group?


This article describes how to invite and add members to a group.


You can add members to your group by following the steps below:

Enter a co-worker's username or email address:

  1. Click on the group's name from your list in the left-hand column to be directed to its homepage. 
  2. Click, under the Members title, the  icon at the top of the right-hand column.
  3. Enter the person's name or email address of the members you would like to add to your group. Click the add button next to their name from the drop-down menu that appears. (Note: You will need to press the space or tab button after entering in an email address if you plan to add more than one user at a time via this method.)
  4. You will receive a message stating the member was added and you will see the new member in the list.. 

Need Additional Help?

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