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This article includes information about PSU IT depot labor rates.



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Explanation of Services

Some of the services provided in the PSU Computer Repair Center are:

  • Diagnosis -- We will determine the likely source(s) of the problem described by the client -- any other obvious issues discovered during our evaluation will be noted
  • Standard Network configuration - The initial configuration of a personal computer to be used on the university's network --
    • This should be done at the ITS Help Desk in Lamson Library and is done at no cost to the eligible client.
    • This should take no more than 15 minutes unless there are pre-existing issues
  • PC Tune-up -- (intended for functioning computers running Microsoft Windows Vista, Win 7,8,8,1 or 10 computers). This is a labor charge which combines seven services into one fee. Includes dust removal, quick hardware diagnostic, removal of temp files, toolbars and junk programs, a quick malware scan, a check for windows updates and a check for driver updates. We will also ensure network access is functional
    • Prerequisite: Windows Vista or newer. Computer must start up to desktop with no major issues.
    • Exception: If there are operating system or hardware issues that create instability of the OS, the PC tune-up service is not be available until these issues are resolved. Client will notify of any issues and what the best course of action is.
    • Exception: If there are severe malware / virus infections which a quick scan will not remove, the PC tune-up service is not be available until these issues are resolved. Client will notify of any issues and what the best course of action is.
  • Network Configuration -- involves Windows updates, any computer hardware driver updates required for network access, and ensuring the an antivirus application is installed and updated
    • If serious issues exist that prevent network connectivity, we will recommend best course of action
  • Dust removal due to overheat issue -- involves removal of dust buildup from interior fans and case vents
    • not available on all manufacturer's laptop models
  • Malware / virus removal -- we use multiple utilities to locate and remove malware, popups and virus issues. Depending on the severity of the infection the solution can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours as with severe infections no single utility will fix all the issues.
    • If the infection is so severe it cannot be resolved we will recommend best course of action
  • Operating System repair -- if there is a windows startup issue, a basic windows repair using specific procedures may fix the issue in a short period of time
  • Operating System installation on new hard drive -- If a new hard drive is installed in a computer, we will install a licensed operating system. We will ensure all Microsoft Window updates and drivers are installed for the computer, unless the device driver is not available (this is rare but does happen with some computer manufacturers). The Operating System does not include Microsoft Office or any of your other applications. In cases when the computer manufacturer is other that Apple or Dell, the purchase of the factory recovery media may need to be purchased. Cost of such media is typically in the $ 30.00 - $ 35.00 range but some manufacturers cost for the recovery media is higher. (shipping charges may also apply)
  • OS re-installation due to corrupt operating system - When the computer is not functional due to a damaged operating system or severe malware / virus issue, the client's data can backed up by us onto a temporary storage device


Steps taken:

  1. Data is backed up (documents, pictures, music and video folders)
    1. If data is stored outside of your profile, you need to notify us of this)
    2. We do not set up email programs if through your cable service provider
  2. The hard drive is formatted, which deletes all information on it
  3. Microsoft Windows or MAC OS is installed with all updates
    1. Note: Some computer manufacturers do not provide web cam applications or other hardware drivers for download
  4. MS Office is reinstalled if applicable
  5. Programs such as Turbo Tax, printer drivers, etc are not reinstalled by us unless the program and license code is provided by client
  6. We typically will install Chrome, Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash
  7. A free antivirus is installed on Windows systems unless instructed otherwise
  8. Data is restored
  9. Network access is restored


  • Windows 10 upgrade - (PC Tune up plus upgrade) A three step process that verifies the functionality of your computer, the compatibility of the hardware and software of your computer, and the upgrading to Windows 10 --
    • refer to separate informational document for more information
  • Application installation -- We will install any application provided by the client as long as any required license code is provided
  • Data backup or transfer -- (different than data recovery)
    • Includes data from client profile(s) (documents, pictures, music and video folders)
    • If data is stored outside of default location of client profile(s), successful backup is not guaranteed unless we are informed ahead of time of its location
      • Example: If a tax program is used, its data is usually stored outside of client profile. We need to know before service is started that such applications are used
      • A client can decide that we back up only documents or only pictures but cannot select specific dated data. Reason: We transfer complete folders and not specific files
    • client may be asked to provide a USB hard drive or other computer for this data unless it is to be reinstalled on same computer after a re-image

Note: Successful data backup is dependent on functionality of the hard drive

  • Data Recovery -- (different than data backup)
    • Data recovery can be time-consuming and is not always successful. In some situations either only partial data recovered or no data is recovered
    • Using Easy Transfer or windows explorer
    • client may be asked to provide a USB hard drive or other computer for this data unless it is to be reinstalled on same computer after a re-image
    • Data recovery is required when a normal backup of data is not possible due to condition of hard drive, operation system failure, or severe virus infection
    • A data recovery program is used on the hard drive
    • Data recovery can take several hours

Note: Successful data recovery is dependent on functionality of the hard drive

  • Installation of non-warranty component -- labor rate depends on the type component


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