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This article describes what the Notebook Sidebar is and the functions that are included.


Notebook Sidebar

The SMART Notebook Sidebar is comprised of four tabs; Page Sorter, the Gallery, Attachments, and Properties.

Page Sorter
The Page Sorter tab consists of all the pages in your Notebook project. You can cycle through all the pages and group them together if you'd like. Select a page just once to make it appear in your editing area. Select the down arrow button in the top right corner of the page to open up a list of options available. In this menu, you can rename, duplicate, or delete the page. You can also use the groups feature to link certain pages together. Select the Group drop down and choose the Edit Groups from the list of options.

The Gallery is where you can access thousands of interactive educational objects. Educators from around the world have created these objects and shared them here in the SMART Notebook. Use this tab to find objects used in your field. Simply search for an item of interest, find the file in the appropriate folder below, and drag it on to your page. Now that the file is part of your project, you can make any appropriate changes to its shape and size.

The Attachments area is a location for you to upload items (such as files, shortcuts, or hyperlinks) and store them within your Notebook project. Primarily used for storage, this is where you can keep an inactive image or a hyperlink to a website. Select the Insert buttons in the bottom left corner to add your item(s). There is an option for a hyperlink and a file attachment.  Then, drag the item onto your page when needed.

The Properties tab contains two items of interest. This section is used to determine an object's fill color, line style, and animation (you can also adjust the background color of your page here as well). Simply click on the object with the selection tool and select the properties tab. You'll then have three buttons (Fill Effects, Line Style, and Object Animation) to use at your disposal. The Fill Effects option allows you to fill in objects with a specific color or pattern.

Once you've selected an object animation - if you don't see that option in the properties menu - Press control and select the object with your mouse on a Mac or press Command and select the object with your mouse on your PC and the object Animation should re-appear.

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