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Notebook Sidebar

The SMART Notebook Sidebar is comprised of four tabs; Page Sorter, the Gallery, Attachments, and Properties.

Page Sorter
The Page Sorter tab consists of all the pages in your Notebook project. You can cycle through all the pages and group them together if you'd like.

The Gallery is where you can access thousands of interactive educational objects. Educators from around the world have created these objects and shared them here in the SMART Notebook. Use this tab to find objects used in your field.

The attachments area is a location for you to upload items and store them within your Notebook project.

The Properties tab contains two items of interest. The first is the Fill Effects option. This allows you to fill in objects with a specific color or pattern. The second part of this tab is the Page Recordingsection. Here you can record your movements around the Notebook and save for later.



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