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Notebook Toolbar - Features

The Features section is where you can insert objects and interact with the page. Features such as the "magic pen" and "compass" are just a few of the many types of objects that are available.

1-Insert Table
Insert a table on to your page.

This is your "mouse" button. Click on anything to see the properties of an object on your page.

Select a colored pen or one that has a different style (dashed line, highlighter, etc.)

4-Creative Pens
Select a pen that has funky colors and shapes.

Use this tool to erase objects on your page.

Draw lines of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Insert rectangles, circles, and other shapes using this tool.

8-Shape Recognition Pen
Select this tool and draw on your page. This pen will automatically recognize the shape you wanted to draw.

9-Magic Pen
The Magic Pen has two different functions. Select this pen and draw a circle around something on your page and watch a spotlight appear. Draw a rectangle around something and it magnifies.

Fill an object with a particular color or pattern.

Use this tool to enter in text on to your page.

This feature brings up your "fill effects" and "page recording" options in the sidebar. See the Properties page for more information.

13-Measurement Tools
Insert a functional ruler, compass, or protractor into your project using this feature.

14-Move Toolbar
Difficult to reach the top toolbar? Select this icon to bring the toolbar to the lower part of the Notebook screen.


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