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Notebook Toolbar - Views

The Views section of the toolbar relates to the various ways to view your page. You can use the "lampshade" feature to hide certain objects on your page or use the "screen capture" button to take a picture of your page.

1-Show/Hide Screen Shade
Activate/deactivate the screen shade feature. This will hide certain items on your page from view. Use the buttons to drag them up, down, and across to remove the screen. This is a great feature to use when hiding answers on your page.

2-Full Screen
Make your page full screen.

3-Transparent Background
Build your page with a transparent background. This removes all the visuals from the Notebook program.

4-Dual/Single Page Display
Switch between showing one or two pages at a time in your Notebook screen.

5-Screen Capture
Take a screen capture of the whole screen or just a portion.

6-SMART Document Camera
Connect a document camera to your computer and access it from here.


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