Notebook Navigation and Layout

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This article describes what the Notebook Navigation and Layout looks like.


Navigation and Layout

The SMART Notebook is separated into three pieces, the Design Area, Toolbar, and Sidebar. These three components allow the user to design and create their Notebook project. Please use the resources below for more information on the Notebook layout.

Design Area (Page)
The Design Area, or Page, is the area where you'll be building your content. Your project can contain numerous pages if you'd like. Use the tools in the toolbar at the top of the screen to interact with your Notebook project.

Notebook Toolbar
The Toolbar at the top of the screen offers numerous tools that you can interact and experiment with. Items such as "add a new page", "pen tool", "insert shapes", and much more can be accessed here.

Notebook Sidebar
The Sidebar is where you can explore additional features and settings in the SMART Notebook. Consisting of four icons (Page sorter, Gallery, Attachments, and Properties and Recording), the sidebar offers the chance to add in new objects as well as the ability to record your interactions as a movie file.

Need Additional Help?

For additional training, please visit the Teaching & Learning Technologies Training site or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.


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