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This article describes how to setup your SMART Notebook.


We all know what the SMART Board can do with its interactive capabilities. However, the full power of the SMART Board is achievable by using the SMART Notebook software. This program allows you to build lesson plans, manipulate objects, write, play, and export to PDF for easy student access. The SMART Notebook is a critical technology to be used in conjunction with the SMART Board.

Note: SMART Technologies updates their software often, so there may be a chance the following download link is broken. Please email "" if you come across a broken link. Thank you...



  1. Visit SMART Board's download site:
  2. Enter in the following license key: NB-AEDAW-D2R4G-RXGEU-EUBAQ
  3. Select the operating system that you are using (Mac or PC)
  4. Type in your information, check the "Agree to Terms and Conditions" box and select "Download".
  5. Save the file to your computer (My Documents, Downloads, or where ever you normally save files)
    • The download will take a few minutes because of the large file size
  6. Once the file has finished downloading, find the file and double click to select it
  7. The installation will now begin. Select "Run" to begin the process:
    1. Click Next
    2. Select the I accept... radio button and click Next
    3. Click Next
    4. Check off all of the programs listed and select Next
    5. Uncheck both the SMART Board Tools and SMART Response Desktop Menu options.
      • This will prevent both programs from starting when your computer turns on.
    6. Click Next
    7. Use your discretion to select the Enable Customer Experience Program option. Click Next when you are ready.
    8. Use your discretion to select the appropriate galleries to be installed on your computer. Click on Next to continue.
    9. If you'd like a foreign language to be available in the Notebook, select one and move it over to the right column. Click Next to continue.
      • The English language is already the default option (not listed), so ignore the English (United Kingdom) option unless you are more comfortable with it.
    10. Select Install (this process will take a while, approximately 60 minutes)
    11. When finished, be sure that the Activate my products now check box is checked, and select the Finish button.
  8. Navigate to the SMART Notebook Activation area and use the following license key: NB-AEDAW-D2R4G-RXGEU-EUBAQ
  9. To start the SMART Notebook program, click on the SMART Notebook icon on your desktop or locate the program from your Start menu

Installation Note: If the installation fails at any point, restart your computer and try the installation again. If problems persist, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 603-535-2929 or

Need Additional Help?

For additional training, please visit the Teaching & Learning Technologies Training site or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.


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