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What is it?

The SMART Notebook is a program installed on your computer that allows for the organization of your SMART Board notes, drawings, and the creation of unique lesson plans. The Notebook is comprised with a series of blank pages, where you can build within and save for later. SMART Board users are encouraged to download the SMART Notebook program on their own computer, away from the actual SMART Board. When the time comes to display your materials, simply open the Notebook file on a SMART Board enabled computer and begin your presentation.

The SMART Notebook is also filled with pre-made objects created by educators from around the world. These objects range from letters of the alphabet to musical instruments that play sound to an interactive frog dissection! All of these items are found using the Notebook's "galleries" feature. These galleries are available when you install the Notebook program on your computer. After the installation, you'll have access to numerous galleries and thousands of educational objects.

The SMART Notebook is available to download for free. Click here for a list of written instructions on installing the program to your computer.

Note: The SMART Notebook has been installed on all of the teacher machines on campus


SMART Notebook

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