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Since Moodle's Gradebook only calculates numeric grades, it cannot quantify letter grades that are manually entered. However, you can alter a setting that will display a letter grade that corresponds to your course total value (see figure below).

Note: Moodle's default scoring system is the traditional A-F scale. For more information on viewing or modifying this scale click here Modifying the letter grade scale.

Displaying Letter Grades

  1. In the course Administration block, click Gradebook Setup
  2. In the top row of the Gradebook Setup screen notice the folder icon and name of the course to its right. Scroll to the far right of this row and click Edit then Edit Settings
    • This page is known as the the Course total category, which automatically calculates the course total grade for each student.
  3. Under Category Total, click the Show more button.
  4. In the Category total section, locate the Grade display type option.
  5. Open the drop down menu and select Real (letter). This will display the actual numeric grade and the letter grade in parenthesis for the course total column.
    • Real - displays the actual score a student obtained.
    • Percentage - displays the student score based out of the max grade possible (example: a score of 9, out of a possible 10 points, would result in a 90%).
    • Letter - displays the letter grade that corresponds with the numeric value.
  6. Once selected, scroll to the bottom and select Save changes

Note: If you'd like to display letter grades for a particular grade, follow the steps above but don't select the pencil icon in the top row (course category). Instead, find the grade item you wish to modify and scroll to the right of the row, selecting the pencil icon. Follow the remaining steps from the previous section to display the letter grade for that one item.


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