Mapping Network Printer - Apple Mac

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Please note that departmental multifunction (i.e. print/scan/fax) machines will likely need a Desktop Support technician to install the multifunction device correctly on a Mac. Please call the ITS Help Desk at (603) 535-2929 or email

1. Click on the Apple icon in the upper lefthand corner of the screen.
2. Select System Preferences.
3. Click on the "Print & Scanning" icon. A new window should open.
4. The "Printers" box will be on the left hand side. Click the "+" on the bottom of the box.
5. A "New Printer" window will open. On the top of the page, select the "IP" button.
6. Change the "Protocol" field to "Line Printer Daemon -- LPD"
7. Change the "Address" Field to ""
8. The "Queue" field should be set to the name of the printer to be used. For example, lamson02
9. The "Name" field can be set to anything, preferably the name of the printer.
10. The "Location" field is optional.
11. The "Print Using:" field can be set to "Generic PostScript Printer" if no other drivers are found. This should be fine for most print jobs. If you experience formatting problems for more complicated printing jobs, the specific driver for the destined printer should be downloaded and installed from the manufacturer's website. The Add Printer window should look similar to:
12. Click the "Add" button.
13. A new window will open concerning Installable Options. The most common option here will be duplex printing. If you know for certain the printer has a duplex unit on it, click the check box and then click Continue. Otherwise, leave it unchecked and click Continue.


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