Setting up Mac Mail

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This tutorial will show you how to configure and access your PSU e-mail through the Mail application on your Mac. ITS strongly recommends configure Mail using IMAP (as opposed to POP3). While these instructions and screenshots are for the Mail application, the incoming and outgoing server names, ports, etc. are the same for IMAP no matter which email client you are using:

Incoming: Server: Port: 993 SSL Enabled
Outgoing: Server: Port: 465 SSL Enabled

1. Click on the Mail application. If it is not directly on your dock, you can find it by clicking the magnifying glass in the top right corner of your screen. From there, you should type "mail" and press enter. This will open the application. Alternatively, you can hit the Command key and space bar (?, Space)


2. Once the Mail application has opened, you should open preferences. You can open Mail preferences by Clicking Mail in the top left corner and then selecting preferences from the drop down menu. Alternatively, you can hit the Command key and the comma key at the same time (?,) and this will also open preferences.


3. Once the preferences window has opened, select Accounts from the top bar. To add an account, press the plus (+) to add a new account.

4. The window will ask you to choose a mail provider. For a PSU account you must select "Other Mail Account..." from the bottom of the list.

5. The window will now ask for your name, email, and password.

Note: The computer will default your name to whatever your Mac's account name is. So, for example, if your account name is "Jon Snow" your email's name will default to "Jon Snow" and when you send an email, it will be sent from "Jon Snow."


6. Once you have entered your name, email address and password, hit "Sign in." It will throw you an error at the bottom in red text that reads "Unable to verify account name or password." This is supposed to happen, and it will resolve itself in the end of the setup process. In the fields, enter your email, your username, and your password. Make sure the mail type is set to IMAP. Both the incoming and outgoing mail servers are ""



7. Click "Sign in" again. The window will change to this:




You can select what services you wish to have. Once you have decided and checked or unchecked the appropriate boxes click "Done."


8. Congrats! Mail should now be setup to connect to your myPlymouth email. If you require more assistance please contact the ITS help desk at 603-535-2929.






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