Zoom: Meeting Attendance


This article provides two recommendations for using Zoom to identify class session attendance. 


Retrieving Meeting Attendance Data

1. Log into Zoom.

2. Click on the Reports selection on the menu 

3. Click on Usage. 
4. Change the date field(s) to search for the meeting you are looking for, and click on the Search button.
5. A list of meetings will appear.  

6. Click on the number listed in the Participants column for the appropriate meeting.  
7. A new window will pop up:
8. Check the 'Export with meeting data' check box and click on the blue Export button.   (Note, in this example the names & emails of the meeting participants have been grayed out to protect their privacy.) 
9. Your computer will be prompted to open or download (depending on your system settings) a CSV file with the above data. 

Recording Attendance By Using the Chat

An alternative solution to recording attendance it to ask your students to check-in at the start of class by commenting in the Chat tool with their name. Another recommendation is to continue with periodic check-ins at other times during the class to confirm that students are still participating.

The Chat can be manually saved at the end of the class session and will provide a list of student responses for each check-in time. 

Zoom also has the option to automatically save meeting chats at the end of every session.
Instructions for downloading manually or setting up the automatic save functionality are found here.

Need additional help?

Please fill out the Zoom Web Conferencing help form with as much detail as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.



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