Important Information about Box to OneDrive Migration

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As part of a USNH-wide Microsoft implementation to standardize all institutions on the same messaging, collaboration, and storage platform, UNH will be moving away from Box in June 2021. Microsoft’s feature-rich OneDrive platform will take its place. Additionally, this migration will save USNH money in Box licensing fees and even more on security and governance costs associated with maintaining separate environments as our storage requirements evolve.

In support of moving to our new storage solution, Enterprise Technology & Services (ET&S) has developed training and documentation on Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive. Links to recorded video sessions will be made available soon.

UNH is partnering with a company to assist with migrating all University data from Box to OneDrive. ET&S will reach out to your department when it is time to migrate. In the meantime, you can prepare by organizing all of your Box files and folders so the data is migrated in a recognizable format.

We will continue to update this Knowledge Base article with new information as it becomes available.


Update November 10, 2020

Starting today, new Box accounts for individuals now have a quota of 10GB. Box accounts created prior to today are unaffected. Please note that OneDrive has a 1TB quota, which can be increased based on need. SharePoint document libraries have a 25TB quota.

Departmental or organizational group accounts can be requested with a ticket and will be eligible for a higher quota.


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