Adobe Creative Cloud: Installing Adobe Creative Cloud Apps on your USNH-Issued Computer


This article provides instructions for how to download and install Adobe Creative Cloud Suite apps on a USNH-issued computer.



USNH has purchased a new site-wide enterprise level agreement with Adobe in partnership with NERCOMP.

All USNH faculty and staff now have full access to the Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise Suite and can install it on university-owned devices.  There is also shared device licenses available for classrooms/labs and other shared institutional computers. 



Initially, make sure your USNH-issued PC or Mac meets the Adobe Creative Cloud System Requirements 

If you see a message to contact your IT administrator, there could be a problem with your account.  Fill out the form located here: Desktop Support to request support.


  • If you are already signed into an Adobe application or Adobe Creative Cloud on your desktop with a previous account, you will need to sign out of that account and sign in with your USNH Company or School account, steps for this process are located here: Reactivate Adobe License
  • Existing content should be automatically migrated, however if you have a problem please request support via here: Desktop Support .



Installing Adobe desktop apps from the Creative Cloud Suite is a two-part process:

  • Part 1:  Access and sign into the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite through the software management area on your USNH-issued computer.
  • Part 2:  Download and install the specific Adobe desktop apps that you want to use.  You can go through these steps again at a later date if you find that you want to use an app that you have not yet installed on your USNH computer.


Part 1: To access Adobe Creative Cloud Suite on a USNH-issued Windows or Mac computer


To Begin

Windows Computer

Click the start menu and search for Software Center. It will open to the Applications tab please be aware it may take a few moments for available applications to appear. 


MAC Computer

Use Finder to search for Self Service



Step 1 - In either Software Center (Windows) or Self Service (Mac), locate the Adobe Creative Cloud application and, click INSTALL.  If you see “Reinstall” here, you already have the application, you can follow the reactivate instructions here: Reactivate Adobe License.

Step 2 - Once the program has installed (this may take up to 15 minutes) open the Adobe application. At the login screen, enter your USNH email address ( 


Step 3 - Select Company or School Account


Step 4 - At the Microsoft Screen, enter your USNH email address ( 


Step 5 - You will be redirected to USNH Login Page. Sign in with your USNH account (username and password) and verify your sign-in with multi-factor authentication (MFA).



You have authenticated into the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite on your USNH-issued computer.

After a moment, you will see the Adobe Applications screen with available applications.


Part 2:  To download and install the specific Adobe creative cloud desktop apps that you need.


Note: Adobe applications can consume considerable computing resources. We recommend you install only those Adobe applications you require for daily work.


Shortly after completing Part 1, you will see the Adobe Applications screen with available applications.

To Install a new app, click the Install button.


To Open an already downloaded app, click the Open button.



You have downloaded and installed the Adobe applications you need.  To use the app you have installed, find the particular app icon on your computer and double click to open the app.


Further Readings

Reactivate Adobe License

Adobe Creative Cloud System Requirements 

Adobe Help Center - 


Need additional help?

To submit a support request, please fill out the ET&S Desktop Support webform with as much detail as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus. For password issues you must call or visit the Help Desk in person.  



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