Accounts: Faculty and Staff USNH Password Reset

Per USNH policy, employees are required to change their passwords to meet the new USNH Password Policy  Once in compliance with the new policy, passwords must be changed annually. Any accounts that are not in compliance with the USNH Password Policy may be locked in order to secure your personal and instructional data.

These instructions are intended for all USNH faculty and staff using either Windows or an Apple (MacOS) Desktop or Laptop.   Also note that these instructions can be performed from any location, on or off Campus.

You may change your password at any time, but USNH IT Password policy requires a change once per year. Certain circumstances may force you to change your password earlier, like a phishing scam.

  1. Open a browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox) and type (or copy and paste) the following URL into the address bar.
  2. After you change your password, use these steps to update any saved passwords on your devices, and to synchronize your initial login password.  Failing to clear old passwords may result in being locked out of your account
    • Windows users click here
    • Apple (MacOS) users click here

If you have questions or any problems changing your password please contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.



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