Bookings: Publishing or Unpublishing your Booking Page


This article describes how to publish and unpublish your booking page.


The booking page is the page on your web site where customers can schedule appointments with your business. This page is powered by Microsoft Bookings.

Publish the booking page

Use the Booking page tab in Microsoft Bookings app to publish and un-publish your page.

  1. In Office 365, select the app launcher, and then select Bookings.

    AppLauncher with Bookings tile highlighted

  2. In the navigation pane, select Booking page.

    Booking page with left nav highlighted

  3. Verify your scheduling policies are correct. See Set your scheduling policies for more information.

  4. Select Save and publish. You'll see a confirmation message.

  5. Select Open published page to see your page in a web browser.

Unpublish the booking page

To unpublish the booking page, browse to the Booking page and select Unpublish.

Need Additional Help?

Please fill out the Microsoft 365 Support webform with as much detail as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.


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