Bookings: Setting Employee Working Hours


This article provides instructions on how to set an employee's working hours and how to set an employee's days off.



Setting employee working hours ensures that their availability is accurately represented when a user or their customers try to book them. By default, the working hours for each employee match the business hours established in the Microsoft Bookings app (How do I set business hours? ). Users can customize them to match the needs of the business and employees. This customization happens on the Staff page.

To book time off for staff members so customers can't book them while they're out of the office, see Schedule business closures, time off, and vacation time for instructions.


Task: To set an employee's working hours.



Step 1 - In Office 365, select the app launcher, and then select Bookings.

Step 2 - In the navigation pane, select Staff, and then select the staff member whose hours to set.

Staff page in bookings app


Step 3 - Under Working hours, clear the Use business hours checkbox.

Step 4 - Use the drop-down menus to select start and end times for each day. Times are available in 15-minute increments.

Working hours with start time dropdown


Step 5 - Click + to add start and end time selectors.

Business hours page with plus sign highlighted


Step 6 - Select Save.

Save button on Business information page tool bar



The selected employee's working hours are set.

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Task: To set an employee's days off.

When scheduling a day off for an employee, that employee appears as unavailable on the booking page. Customers using the booking page are unable to schedule him or her for service on that day.



Step 1 - Select the x next to the day that the employee will have off.

Working hours panel with X highlighted


Step 2 - To schedule a day that was previously marked as a day off, click the + sign next to the day to schedule.

Tip: If scheduling employee vacation time, or other large blocks of time off, see Schedule employee vacation time 



The selected employee's non-working hours (days off) are set.

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