Clusters and Computer Labs Software - Remote Access

While the university is conducting classes online, we are providing additional services to assist students and faculty who need access to software that is normally run in the Student Computing Clusters and departmental computer labs around campus.  The details below will guide you to the easiest way to access the software you need.

Existing UNH Academic Applications

For applications like ArcGIS, JMP, MATLAB, Microsoft Office, SAS, and SPSS, along with several others, these programs are already available for students and faculty to install and run on their own computers.  Please see existing documentation on how to access and use these programs.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe has made the Creative Cloud software available free of charge for a period for students and educators at schools that already have Adobe CC licenses and have moved instructions online.  This program has now ended.  If Adobe offers it again or provides other new options, we will post updates here.

For now, the Adobe Creative Cloud software can be access on Windows systems via the remote access method described below.  This will work for some uses, but will likely be challenging when dealing with large files or video.

Course-specific Software - Free and Open Source

Many of the applications that departments use in the public computer labs and departmental labs are freely available software.  For these applications, UNH IT staff will assist students in getting to these programs and installing them on your own computers.  Below is a complete list of all of the software programs that we have in the Clusters and departmental labs.  For any that are freely available, there is a link to where you can download the software to use on your own computer.

Running Windows Software on Macintosh Computers

If you have a Macintosh computer and need to run software from the above categories that is only available for Windows, consider installing and running Windows 10 through VirtualBox.  Please see this article for details and to download a pre-configured Windows 10 image.

Other Course-specific Software - Remote Computer Access

For software that you cannot access and run on your own computer via one of the above methods, we are enabling remote login to pools of computers from the various departmental labs.  To use the remote access service, you will need to connect to UNH's VPN service and have the Microsoft Remote Desktop software on your own computer.  You can access these computers, which are all Windows 10 systems, from most any computer platform including macOS, iOS, and Android.  For full instructions and to get connected, see

Full List of Clusters and Departmental Software


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