Salesforce - Logging In

Salesforce - Logging In: Logging in to production environments of Salesforce


Note: Salesforce uses Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to log in starting January 26th 2022.

1. Navigate to the pertaining URL

Note: When creating a bookmark it will automatically bookmark the page AFTER a redirect. This will add a long string of random number and letters to the URL which will cause log-in issues with the bookmark. Please edit the bookmark URL and paste in the clean link provided.

2. Your username and password are your USNH ID and password ex. abc1000

3. Choose a delivery method for your registration code - The approved method is using an authentication app – voice/text are not approved methods of authentication for Salesforce products.

Note: Send login request to Device requires internet connection or phone service, if it is not coming through please close your browser fully and use the passcode option.

4. If you need to register a device with MFA, please go to your SmartAuth Profile:

Here is an article on how to register the Authentication App:

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