Removing an Embedded Media Item from a Web Page or Powerpoint

This article is intended to be used to remove media content before older Kaltura players are deprecated on January 7th, 2021. 

Before removing embedded media from a web page or Powerpoint, it is best to identify the name of the recording to make it easier to find and re-embed using an updated player. If the current player has the letter ‘I’ in the corner, you can click that to get the video name. However, not all players have the ‘I’ button. If not, look at the video, compare to what you own, and find the correct video in your My Media collection. If you are unable to identify the video, you can contact support at 603-862-4242 and create a help ticket. If you are able to identify the media, simply select it and hit delete. Please follow the instructions found in MediaSpace: Embedding Media in a Web Page or Powerpoint to re-embed your media using an updated player. 


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