Built-in-Books and Course Materials Program

Program Description

UNH’s Built-in-Books and Course Materials program is designed to offer students the lowest available market price for their required books and software. The cost of your books and/or course materials is charged through your Tuition & Fees bill. Materials will be available to you in Canvas before the first day of class.  You will not need to order the materials yourself.

In accordance with Department of Education regulation 34CFR668.164 (c)(2), students may opt out of the program and the charge will be removed from their student account. Students wishing to exercise the right to opt out of an eligible course fee must go the Course Materials Link in the Canvas course and follow the Opt-Out instructions.  This must be done by the end of the add period for courses.

Department of Education regulation 34CFR668.164 (c)(2):  (2) An institution may include the costs of books and supplies as part of tuition and fees under paragraph (c)(1)(i) of this section if- (i) The institution-

  • (A)  Has an arrangement with a book publisher or other entity that enables it to make those books or supplies available to students below competitive market rates;
  • (B) Provides a way for a student to obtain those books or supplies by the seventh day of a payment period; and
  • (C) has a policy under which the student may opt out of the way the institution provides for the student to obtain books and supplies under paragraph (c)(2).  A student who opt out under paragraph (c)(2) is considered to opt out under paragraph (m)(3) of this section;

 Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why is it cheaper? How much am I saving?

The UNH Bookstore vendor negotiates prices with publishers specifically for this program. This results in lower prices for students because (1) often it involves digital content, so there is no printing or shipping cost, and (2) 99%+ students stay with program (don't Opt-Out), so while the price is lower per student, the publishers and vendor make up their revenue in sales volume.

The amount saved varies by course and depends on how students would have otherwise purchased their books.   To compare the program fee for a course, a student can retrieve the ISBN number from the UNH Bookstore website and compare this to other sellers. Be aware though, many books have multiple editions and your professor may have requested a customized edition, so be sure all the details match when you look online. If you find a lower price or are unsure you are comparing the right editions, you can ask the UNH Bookstore for help.

2) Which course sections participate? How is that decided?

Course content, e.g. books, articles, software, etc., are selected by the faculty member or in some cases a faculty committee. Faculty may consult with the bookstore about a variety of options, including participation in this discount program, before submitting their final selection to the bookstore for an upcoming course.

Sometimes all sections of a course will choose the discount program and utilize the same materials. In other cases, the instructor of one course section chooses to participate, while another instructor of the same course, different section, does not.

UNH's first use of this program was in Fall 2018 with a pilot group of 3 courses with several hundred students. By Spring 2020 it grew to over 30 courses with several thousand students. Participation at UNH is expected to continue to grow over the next few years.

3) How do I access my First Day Course Materials? What if I have issues getting access?  

This video from Barnes & Noble shows the student experience in Canvas (myCourses). Note that in the video, you will be directed to a tab in your course called "Course Materials" for UNH that tab is called "First Day Course Materials".   Materials may be accessed in several different ways, the video shows examples of how to access your course materials.

Video: https://youtu.be/bNhSdKueifU  

Customer Care is available to help students with questions about accessing their course material, using their eTextbook, or opting-out or in to the First Day program. Be sure to share the below information with your students.  Customer Care hours of operation are 12am Sunday – 11pm Saturday (Eastern Time).

4) How do I Opt-out or Opt-in to the program?  

Once registered for a course UNH students are automatically placed in an Opt-in Status.   Opting out of the discount program means the student will not have access to the course content through their Canvas courses and the course fee is removed from the student's bill. UNH recommends that students check with their instructor before opting out to make sure the student's alternative plan to obtain course materials will allow them to be successful in class.  Opting out must be done before the end of the add period for courses for a full refund. If you drop the course after the add period, you may be eligible for up to a 50% refund depending on timing and course content details.

Students opt-out and opt-back-in via their Canvas course by using the First Day Course Materials tab in their Canvas course.  Your materials will be shown there (see image below) and you can opt-out or opt-back-in by clicking the button indicated in the image by the orange arrow.  In the video link above, you can watch the opt out/in process starting at time 2m 15s.


5) What if I want a paper version of the book?

Even when students don't Opt-out, they may wish to obtain a paper version of a textbook. Enquire at the UNH Bookstore regarding the options available for your particular course. Sometimes a loose-leaf (LL) version of the book is available for purchase through the bookstore website.

6) What if I paid for this book in a past semester through the same program?

In cases where a course included only an electronic text, i.e. no interactive software or learning activities, students can continue to access the electronic text via their Barnes&Noble account. Enquire with UNH Bookstore on how to do this. Access to courses content that included non-text materials is only available for the duration of the semester.

Sometimes UNH uses the same course materials for multiple semesters in a series of courses, such as language courses.  In this case, the UNH Bookstore has priced the course materials (books, software, etc) with the expectation that students will pay a smaller amount each semester, rather than a large one-time purchase that they may use for one or more semesters.


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