Trust This Device feature in SmartAuth: Enter Passcodes Less Frequently

When logging into an application protected by SmartAuth, select the "Private Computer/Trust This Device" to avoid being prompted for a passcode every time you login with your current device and web browser.

For example, if you usually log into WebCat with Chrome, this option will avoid more prompts for a passcode on Chrome on this computer for 7 days (but you would be prompted in another browser like Firefox, on a different computer, or if you clear your cookies / cache).

NOTE: Only select this option when using a non-shared, university or personal device.

SmartAuth uses browser cookies for the Trust This Device feature.  If this feature is not working for you, here are some of the settings that might cause issues with cookies and the Trust This Device feature.

Private Browsing Modes

Are you using an Incognito Window (Chrome) or Private Window (Firefox)? These browsing modes don't remember anything you do - that's their job! Also, separate browsing profiles such as those in Chrome will not remember settings from other profiles.

Browser Privacy Settings

Do you have tight browser privacy settings without an exception mylogin? If so, your browser may be unable to create a cookie to track your "Trust This Device" option. Here's where to find that option. Note that the cookie comes from the site or, so even if you allow cookies from "sites you've visited”, it may be blocking this cookie. Here are the formats of the cookies for different browsers.

In Chrome:

  1. You should be able to click this link while in Chrome: chrome://settings/content/cookies, or Open your Settings, click Advanced link at bottom, select Site Settings, select Cookies and site data.
  2. The easiest option is to check "Allow sites to save and read cookie data".   However, if you would like a stricter privacy option, you can choose to add and
  3. Make sure the "Clear cookies and site data when you quit Chrome" is NOT enabled. 

Here's a Chrome article about cookies.

In Firefox:

  1. You should be able to click this link while in Firefox: about:preferences#privacy, or go to Preferences, Privacy.
  2. In the Privacy section, you can either set it to Firefox Will... Remember History, or if you want to Use Custom Settings for History, make sure Remember Cookies is checked.

Here's a Firefox help article about cookies.

In Safari:

  1. Go to Safari Preferences > Privacy and click Always Allow.
  2. Note: Safari 12 for macOS 10.12 or later does not allow setting exceptions for third-party cookies.

Browser Extensions

A browser extension you use might interfere with the cookies and the Trust This Device feature. You can temporarily disable an extension and see if that helps.

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