Changing Phone Numbers? Make sure to update your MFA settings!

Changing phone numbers? Make sure to update your MFA settings!

Authenticate app icon If you are planning on changing the phone number that you use for SmartAuth MFA, be sure to install and register the SmartAuth App BEFORE you change your number.

Once you have registered the app with your account, you can use it for multi-factor authentication using a passcode without the need for a phone number or SIM card.

After registering the App and changing your phone to the new number, you can authenticate to the device registration page using the App and then register your new phone number for MFA text messages!


Registering the SmartAuth App:


** If you have already changed your phone number and do not have service to your old number, you MUST call the Service Desk at 603-862-4242 to receive a one-time passcode to access the SmartAuth registration page above. Once logged in, you can register the App and/or your new phone number.

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