Before You Travel Abroad - Register the SecureAuth Authenticate App!

Travelling Internationally? Don't lose access to your UNH resources (WebCat, E-Mail, Wise)!

Authenticate app icon If you are planning on travelling abroad and will NOT be using your U.S. SIM card/phone number, you need to install and register the SecureAuth Authenticate App or your international phone* BEFORE you leave.

Once you have registered the App with your account, you can use it for multi-factor authentication using a passcode without the need for a phone number or SIM card.


Registering the SecureAuth Authenticate App:

Registering the GoogleAuthenticator App:



* When registering international numbers, preface the number with +{country code}

** If you have already travelled outside of the U.S. and do not have service to your U.S. number, you MUST call the Service Desk at 603-862-4242 to receive a one-time passcode to access the SmartAuth registration page above. Once logged in, you can register the App and/or your international phone number.

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