Connecting an Amazon Fire Stick on UNH-Open


Once your TV is powered on and your Fire Stick is inserted into the TV, follow the instructions below:

  • Follow on-screen instructions until you reach the "Connect to your network" page
  • Scroll to the far right to find your MAC address. (make note of this address for future use)
  • Register Device:
    • Go to
    • Click on Non-Browser Device Registration
    • Follow the onscreen instructions to register your device – select the correct device type:  Amazon Fire TV
    • Wait a few minutes for registration to complete

  • Connect to UNH-Open
    • Attempting to connect to UNH-Open should automatically register your device to our network, and your device should be properly fingerprinted as a FireTV stick. If this has happened, your setup is complete
  • If a browser window opens with the UNH-Open captive portal screen:
    • use a different device to visit
    • click NAC Registration and log in to see all devices registered to you
  • Click the Settings cogs next to the MAC address you noted above
  • In the Device Information section, if you do not see the following, please contact the Service Desk to request they manually fingerprint your device:
    • Category: IoT
    • Family: Amazon
    • Type: Amazon Fire TV
  • If you see the correct fingerprinting information but are still seeing the captive portal, submit a ticket to the Network Team for further assistance. Go to > Make a Request > Trouble/Service Not Working > include all steps you have completed and the current issues you are experiencing.


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