EAB: Navigate- Progress Reports Overview


This article provides an overview of the Progress Report process using Navigate that takes place at the 5-8 week mark into a semester.


Progress Reports focus on approximately weeks 5-8 of a semester to identify students who's performance is below average in a course.  Current mid-term assessments for students with below average performance allows the student’s support team to be alerted so that they can take action earlier in a semester opposed to late in the semester when it is often difficult to intervene.

Goals of Progress Reports

  • Help students receive support earlier in the semester
  • Capture and understand volume of students at risk
  • Measure effectiveness of student nudges
  • Better understand academic resource needs
  • Provides continued follow up on those that continue to struggle


Process Flow

  1. Faculty receives progress report link from  EAB (Navigate)
  2. Faculty submits progress report for ONLY those students who may need additional support to pass their course
    1. Only students that require support need to be flagged
    2. Comments submitted in the Progress Report will be seen by the student
  3. Students who are flagged receive automated emails notifying them of the concern
  4. College makes contact with student to check-in, providing support as needed 
    1. NOTE this method of contact varies by college and is defined by the Dean’s Office


Information for Faculty Submitting Progress Reports

Identifying Students with Alerts

Resources Available to Students Requesting Academic Assistance


Need additional help?

Please fill out theEAB (Navigate) web form with as much information as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.

For additional Training please visit the AT Docs & Training site


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